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Established in 2008, AXIOMA Wealth Management AG is a privately-owned independent Swiss company based in Zurich specialising in Fixed Income products.

Established in 2008, AXIOMA Wealth Management AG is a privately-owned independent Swiss company based in Zurich specialising in Fixed Income products.

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Our Milestones


AXIOMA is strengthening its think-tank.

New experts join our team and we keep on looking for finance professionals to join our ever expanding select group.


Axioma Levaraged Bond Fund expands investors' oportunities

First year Fund performance is up to 14%. Historical fixed income strategy performance reaches 15% p.a. since 2009. AXIOMA holds an information event on the current amendments in the AML legislation.


Launch of AXIOMA Leveraged Bond Fund

AXIOMA expands its product line with own fixed income fund available to a wider range of investors. Company accomplishes registration with IRS as a Swiss Registered Deemed-Compliant Financial Institution.


Embracing Tax Transperancy and Automatic Exchange of Information

Switzerland ratified the OECD Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters. AXIOMA is as a pioneer and a stronger promoter of Global Tax Transparency.


First institutional client

AXIOMA delivers investment expertise to a succesful partnership with a significant institutional client.


Swiss banking secrecy dead or alive?

Аnticipating future developments, AXIOMA strongly believes that Switzerland will comply with international standards on tax matters. Banking secrecy on tax related aspects will no longer be applicable to foreign clients.


Company's initial investment strategy focused on fixed income proves to be effective

Decrease in interest rates and leverage extension contributes to the portfolio's performance. Improving credit quality of securities creates attractive risk-return ratio in emerging markets.


Active Member of Swiss Asset Management Association (SAAM)

AXIOMA joined SAAM and adopted the Swiss Code of Conduct for Independent Asset Managers. Partner Agreements with the leading Swiss banks brought advantages to our clients. Share capital of the company was increased to CHF 1'000'000. The company established a fully-fledged representative office in Moscow.


A different kind of asset manager

The financial crisis peaked in 2008 bringing new challenges to investors. AXIOMA was established in Zurich as a holistic and prudent response to global financial turbulence.

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Our team is always available to listen to your questions and help work out the best possible solution tailor-made to your specific requirements.

Email us, call us or make an appointment for a face-to- face chat at our office in Zurich. Our holistic approach means our doors are always open for our clients. Full confidentiality is guaranteed in accordance with Swiss law.